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Selected Bibliography

Aristarkhova, Irina. Virtual Chora: Welcome. Bernadac, Marie-Laure and Hans-Ulrich Obrist, eds. Louise Bourgeois: Deconstruction of the Father, Reconstruction of the Father. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1998. Carnegie, Elizabeth. ‘Trying to Be an Honest Woman: Making Women’s Histories’. Making Histories in Museums. Gaynor Kavanagh, ed. London: Leicester University Press, 1996. Chadwick, Whitney. Women, Art and Society. […]

Concepts and tools that relate to my process:

The Stranding Blog: The blog functioned as a meeting point where I could share my research process with others. By using the blog I learned to make visible my research process. This was very difficult at first because I was reluctant to make my research visible online when I felt that it was unfinished. I […]

The two prototype Venues:

I use the word ‘venues’ to refer to the Open House and Digitales Archives website because they are places in which the Play of Archiving can take place. The Venues are not ‘works’. The Digitales Archives website is the prototype Venue that I propose for the digital archive material. The Open House is what I […]

A Play of Archiving:

Why is it called a Play of Archiving? Because the word ‘play’ suggests an exchange. That is what this way of archiving is: an exchange between people (read: bodies) in relation to an archive item. The Play of Archiving is a way (read:gesture) for people to put the meaning they produced for an archive item […]

How to make a prototype Website:

1. Decide how you want your website to function. I wanted the archive to be organised by people, where one could only access the archive material through people’s personal ‘homepages’. I wanted the traces of the Play of Archiving to be linked to the archive material. I also wanted people to be linked together by […]

How to have an archiving Open House:

1. Choose a date. I chose to have my archiving Open House during the day while my daughter was at daycare. I held the Open House between 9:00 and 17:00. 2. Invite people. I made invitations and sent them by email to about 30 people including students, artists, writers, curators, professors and activists that I […]

The Play of Archiving

How to participate in a Play of Archiving: 1. Find something that interests you in an archive item. 2. Find someone to share that interest with. 3. Leave a trace of this sharing in connection with the archive item.

How to have an open atelier:

1. Find out why you have been asked to have an open atelier. I was asked to have an open atelier during four days at Digitales 2004 to work with the archives from previous Digitales. 2. Find out what tools you have to work with. I was given the resource centre to work in at […]

How to gather traces from Digitales Meeting Days:

1. Tell Constant that you would like to help them gather traces and ask them what you can do. I did this for Digitales 2002 and as a result I did the sound editing for three lectures: Irina Aristarkhova- Hostages to Hospitality: The Case of Undercurrents Maria Fernandez- Globalisation and Women’s Networks Ruth Oldenziel- Crossing […]

transcribing interviews…

it’s a lot more difficult than it looks…honest…