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more images from the archiving open house

some text from the archiving open house

This is a little text I made for people who attended the open house to introduce the play of archiving. As soon as I scan some of the booklets that people used I will put them online too.

images from the archiving open house

these are some images of the media stations at the archiving open house… the audio cd station the minidisk station the snack station the text station the video station more images and text are coming soon…

The Archiving Open House

The Archiving Open House (2004) is a prototype venue for archiving the physical traces from the Digitales Meeting Days by way of encounters between people (a process which I refer to as a play of archiving). The physical archives of the Digitales Meeting Days include minidisks, audiocassette tapes, CD’s, miniDV tapes, VHS tapes, floppy disks, […]

How to make a text for a publication:

1. Find out what the topic of the publication is. I was asked by Constant to make a text following the seminar the Lining of Forgetting for a publication about VJ7. 2. Choose the material that you would like to work with. I decided to work with the discussion recorded on the second day of […]

How to do interviews:

1. Ask people in advance. I asked De Geuzen, Anja Westerfrölke, and Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas before they arrived in Brussels if they would agree to have a recorded discussion with me about archives. 2. Write your questions. Make them about what you want to know. Don’t make them too complicated because they might be […]

How to be a respondent:

1. Do a little research. I was asked by Constant to be a respondent for the Lining of Forgetting, a two-day seminar about archiving that was organised as part of VJ7. This meant that I was supposed to lead a discussion with the invited guests. So the first thing I did was to find out […]

How to use a webblog as part of your research process:

How to use a webblog as part of your research process: 1. Find a webblog space and software. I used MovableType software, because this is what they use at Constant and it was Constant who gave me the server space. However, you can find a lot of webblogs for free online. 2. Upload things as […]

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