Monthly Archives: November 2005

English Step one: Duration: approximately 1 hour. You will need a computer with an internet connection. Find something that interests you in the online archives of Digitales. Your interest could mean that the item (text, image, audio file or video file) reminds you of an event you experienced, or it could relate to your day-to-day […]

Digitales is several days of conferences, workshops, forums, and art presentations where people come together to talk about women and technology. As this is a broad topic, the areas of interest vary. To give some examples, the programming for Digitales can include: a lecture about the relationship between gender and desire as it relates to […]

English In January 2004 Anja Westerfroelke and I held an open workshop at the Digitales meeting days in Brussels, Belgium. We were experimenting with a way of archiving by using a MOO (an online text-based virtual environment, originally used for networked gaming). Our aim was to take the contents of several cardboard boxes full of […]