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presentation of concept

digA_p as a moo prototype
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further possibilities and handling

digA_p (conceived by Anja, developed in co-operation with Valerie)

The concept for developing an archive for digitales (digA_p) emphasizes encounters between people in relation to an archive.
The role of the encounter is to fracture the regard onto an object.

The archive actually gets established and developed, it defines its content and gets built up by the practice of the people.

If nobody is using the suggested structure of digA_p there will be no archive.

It is not intended to provide a place which is systematically organised. It doesn’t imply completeness.

Archives can be thought of as a promise: digA_p is thinking about what the promise of an archive could mean, in terms of the promise of the record to be transmitted and received. A meeting or encounter emphasizes the relationship between the promise of an archive and its performance in practice.

The sanctuary of order and completentess might not be achieved. digA_p rather focuses on the path of information than its classification.

The person dealing with the archive of digitales approaches digA_p as an ‘archivist’, ‘encountered person’, or as a ‘documentor’. Each person can choose one of these three roles.