some text from the archiving open house

This is a little text I made for people who attended the open house to introduce the play of archiving. As soon as I scan some of the booklets that people used I will put them online too.

Welcome to the Archiving Open House

During this Archiving Open House we are archiving material from Digitales 2004, which took place this past January. In order to participate you can take part in a play of archiving. To do this, first fill in your profile information on the front page of your booklet. This information can be your age, your gender or sex, your nationality, the languages you speak, etc. Then find something which interests you in an archive item from any of the five media stations in the house. The stations are: mindisk station, audio CD station, VHS station, miniDV station, and text station. Next, find someone to share that interest with. Then fill in the following information in your booklet:

1. Record the date, the archive item and a brief description of the archive item.
2. Record the name of person you encountered to share your interest with, the place you encountered them ( the minidisk station at the archiving open house, for example), and the subject of the encounter (this would be your interest in the archive item).
4. You can record more details about the encounter in your booklet if you wish.
This play can be continued for as many archive items as you wish.

This archiving open house is part of the development of a prototype for archiving the traces gathered from the Digitales meeting days. The Digitales meeting days are several days of conferences, workshops, forums, and art presentations where people come together to talk about women and technology. Digitales days are organized by Constant, in partnership with the ADA network. This prototype is part of my postgraduate research in the Transmedia program. The idea of the prototype is to create an archive that is connected to people. The way that this is done is through the play of archiving that is recorded in your booklet. After the open house is finished the booklet represents your personal space in the archive.
If you have any questions about the prototype, the play of archiving, or the archiving open house please ask me.

Thanks to: Constant , Transmedia, ADA